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Haruun Dahir
5 years ago, I would've put something here about how I'm here to disrupt, create or bring something shiny to your doorstep. Or how I changed my life with this one weird trick and the discovered the secret to success. 
Thankfully I am no longer that guy, I never was, but if I started a blog at 21, I sure as hell would've been trying to sling you guys a product here. 
At 22, I graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto. Those 4 years opened these puppy dog eyes to myself. I was surrounded by a bunch of wanna-preneurs,  'incubator' type of people, 'I started this business' types, and drake obsessed urban youth. 
I wasn't expecting an American Pie or Mark Zuckerberg university kind of experience. But I was expecting to be inspired by others around me. Instead after my 2nd year, I found myself constantly in the library refreshing the hell out of an affiliate marketing conversion page seeing if some dude converted on my $7 Asian dating offer or not.
University showed me everything I didn't want to be.What pushed me to make my first dollar online selling MapleStory coins at 14, was the same energy that pushed me to start peddling shady dating offers online while simultaneously figuring out if I could pass that FIN300 exam. (I later failed it). I think at 15 what I wanted at the time was to see if I could do it, at 20 what I wanted was independence from people, no job, no people I needed to see unless I wanted to. 
I have since graduated university, and thank it for the lessons it taught me about myself. I now live in Shanghai, how I got here, and the failures i've experienced here are a story I want to share. 
Failcare is the culmination of all the failures I have made trying to achieve that independence of people. It's a collection of stories, experiences and lessons that I learned so you don't have to.